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About us

ABRIGADA is a producer of refractory and acid resistant materials for industrial applications. It conceives and realizes engineering projects of thermal linings for a large range of industrial equipments. It has more than 16 decades of experience (established in 1843).

It has been collaborating with almost all the Industries - cements, pulp, chemical, nonferrous-metal, energies and ceramics - since its establishment until our days. In 2002 it completed the certification quality process, in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2000.

Abrigada is characterized by its flexibility in developing new products and technical solutions for the constant market technical evolutions.

In 1996 the assembly department of ABRIGADA became an independent company AMR-Abrigada, Montagens e Revestimentos, SA.



Abrigada is a small village located 50 km North of Lisbon in the center of Portugal, where in 1843 a pottery was founded due to the local clay’s quality.

In 1854 ABRIGADA introduced the sanitary stoneware production in Portugal, developing the production of pipes and accessories, and later on, acid resistant materials for the chemical industry.

With industry development, production evolved and ABRIGADA specialized in refractory materials, and when the first cement production units were installed in Portugal, ABRIGADA was amongst the first suppliers of this new industry in the decade 1930-1940.

In 1956 a fully equipped laboratory was installed for the chemical and physical tests required for raw materials and finished product control. Applied research for new and improved products has since developed continuously.

The first exports for cement plants in other markets took place on the beginning of 1960 having been strongly increased after 1995. The effective production for the cement industry includes a complete range of shaped refractory products of medium and high alumina and chemical bond as well as refractory cements.

ABRIGADA is currently a dynamic company, – certified according to quality Standard ISO 9001:2000 since 2002 - and characterized by its flexibility in developing new brands and technical solutions according to the specific needs of each customer.